Shot in the dark at a Sherlock fic

She should have known that is was going to be one of those days, she thought to herself as she looked out at the inlet from her home office. She sighed as she ran her hand down the white curtain that was billowing in from the breeze and continued to ignore the buzzing of her phone, which was telling her that emails were coming in and begging to be opened.

To tell you the truth, the majority of the emails were for sales. Baby items, which reminded me of all the babies that my friends were having. Store sales, which reminded me that it had been a while since I had actually purchased an item for myself. Even the local cinema was harassing me as of late. Did I actually need to watch the latest Adam Sandler movie that bad. I don’t think so.

The other half is from the office. To be exact, it was from DI Lestrade in London. Over the course of a week I learned that I was being reassigned and he was trying to get me up to speed. From his emails, I got the sense that he was your typical tempestuous blow hard, but she had heard wonderful things about him. She just did not feel like giving him an inch until she was in London.


I got pulled into one of the meeting rooms and there were these men in suits and my boss. I could feel the sense of dread in the room.

"Sergeant Catesby. An opportunity has arisen that we think best suits you."

I remember thinking what the bloody hell was going on, but I sat there stoically knowing that my DI was in no position to let me make the decision to stay or to go.

"The goal is to have you based in London in a month’s time and you will be working with DI Lestrade."

Lestrade? Why was that name so familiar. I zoned out as I went through the mental file I kept of the latest news. Lestrade… Lestrade… Lestrade… That’s when an image popped up, but it was not of Lestrade. It was of a tall lanky figure with some ghastly hat on and a blue scarf. Was that his assistant? His significant other? What was his name? Name… Sherlock?

"Sherlock Holmes?" I said out loud in the middle of whatever my DI was voicing. His shoulders slumped and I knew I had figured it out.

"Am I shadowing them?"

The darker of the two men in suits grabbed my attention.

He smiled, a fake smile that reminded me of my time in the United States. The smile that tried to reel you in under a false sense of ease.

"Not at all. He just needs capable people around him, especially with Sherlock Holmes return."

"His return? I thought his body was scraped off of Baker Street."

"He faked his own death?"

The lunacy of it all.

"Did he? Did he explain why?"

"We cannot disclose that information."

I looked at my DI and the look he gave me told me everything I needed to know, his hands were tied and so were mine.

Now, I am surrounded by boxes and dreading my move.

Dreading the insanity of London.

Dreading crossing paths with the infamous Sherlock Holmes.


Jennifer Lawrence is clearly freezing at Catching Fire LA Premiere

So, this set of images and an earlier set of images, from the year before, shows me why there is no Joshifer to fawn over.

If Josh Hutcherson was truly invested in Jennifer Lawrence in a romantic way, you would think the guy would give his coat over to her so he could keep his lady love warm.

That did not happen, did it?